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    About Me


    I'm a little baker with heart...    What can I tell you, I've never been so giddy than when I got Stan, my beautiful KitchenAid mixer (yes, I named my mixer).  And, I've gone baking crazy ever since.

    I started baking with my dad a few years ago when him and I baked my wedding cake.  We had a blast, and some mishaps, but I enjoyed it very much.  After that experience, I started baking cookies and experimenting with flavors.  It soon turned into making cupcakes, new icing flavors, and fondant decorations.  

    For me, baking is more than just making a dessert.  I love playing around with the fondant and creating pretty decorations while capturing the meaning of an event.  A good cupcake for me is about making people smile when they look at it and go yumm when they eat it. 

    Speaking of eating cupcakes, unique flavors are just as important as the decorations.  From fruits to coconuts to candy cane mixes for Christmas, the right flavor for the right event is very important.  Experimenting with flavors is like a hobby for me.

    Thanks for dropping by, and happy munchin' !!