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    Potages are a more refined version of 'soup'. Today's menu included lentil soup garnished with strips of pork belly and croutons, creamy sorel soup, vegetable soup garnished with julienned carrots and leeks, and a creamy mussels soup infused with saffron.

    For the practical we prepared the vegetable soup which consisted of a base of potatoes and leeks, which are puréed after cooking. Cream is added at the end to give it a velvety texture.

    During the practical class, a classmate working beside me accidentally added too much salt to his soup - it was to the point that it was inedible. I felt terrible for him because he had three options, the first one being to add more water, but by doing so it will change the texture pd the soup, the second option is to redo it and lastly to leave it as is. He decided to leave it hoping that by adding the cream it will reduce the saltiness. Anyway, near the end he tried that and it still didn't work. So when I was ready to season my soup I suggested he give me some of his soup to me and in return I would give him some of mine to level out the saltiness in both of our soups. Of course, we had to do this secretly because the chef would have recoiled if he saw us mixing our soups. But to my argument I didn't want to see food that could have been fixed thrown into the garbage. Anyway, we served our soups and the chef commented that both of ours had the perfect seasoning, lol! See a little teamwork can go a long way!

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