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    Mamaica's Special Recipe

    This is one of my husband's favourite treats.  His grandmother, Mamaica used to make this for him when he was very young.  Even to this day, whenever we visit Mamaica (who lives in Romania), she is always ready with a kiss and a pan full of these apricot and walnut cookies.


    Stan is sick :(

    So today I had enough and finally called the Kitchen Aid help line.  Stan didn't seem to be feeling very well for a while now, so I thought I should look into the matter before things got worse.  When I first got Stan, I didn't know what to expect and I thought the loud screeching sound was a normal thing.  I was so wrong.  Apparently, the only way to fix the problem is to send Stan back and to get a new one.  I was really sad to hear this.  RIP my poor Stan - you will be forever missed!


    Baking Gone Wrong

    What a great way to start the New Year with an experiment gone wrong.  Don't worry - nothing burned down. 

    After much consideration, I thought it would be a great idea to try a new flavour, perhaps one that no one has attempted before.  First of all, there is good reason to believe why no one has tried this flavour, only because everyone knows that it isn't one to tamper with.  Okay, so the flavour I tried was Thai Iced Tea.  I tried the actual drink a while back when I went to a Thai restaurant.  It was an amazing, so much in fact that my mom and I found a way to replicate it at home.  Any how, after looking through my cupboard, I found that I had all of the ingredients to do so.

    Here's how I started - I made coconut cupcakes, which I thought would have been a great compliment to the Thai Iced Tea (if it had worked, of course).  Afterwhich I prepared the Thai Iced Tea and was going to use it as an ingredient in the sugar syrup.  While reaching it's boiling point, the Thai Iced Tea concoction was emitting the most horrible smell - it reminded me of burnt molasses.  In that moment, I decided there was no use to continue, so the mission was aborted... good news for my h usband, as I am sure his role as 'taste tester' would have meant the end for him. 

    No fear however, I rebounded by making a lychee italian meringue buttercream instead.  Although, the icing tested good on its own, the coconut flavour of the cupcakes caused the lychee flavour to be lost.  Lesson to be learn is that a subtle flavour such as lychee, should be paired with a subtle cupcake flavour. 




    Happy New Year!

    This year I'm starting Butterfly Baking - I'm excited and nervous.  I hope to blog about the things I bake and the projects I work on.  

    Happy new year and stay tuned for more...

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